华城发展为配合2020年预算案(Budget) (外国人可购买RM600,000或以上的大马房屋)及马来西亚第2家园计划,在11.10.19-13.10.19参与首届澳门、中国、大马商贸展览会。华城发展有推出配套来满足市场上的顾客要求。此外, 我们会组房产考察团来马来西亚怡保观光和认识怡保的文化、美食及景点。 In conjunction with the latest announcement 2020 Malaysia Budget whereby Foreigners are eligible to purchase RM600,000 and above High-End properties in Malaysia, […]

Grand Summit Official Launching

Welcome All of visitor to join our Grand Submit Official Launching. Date   : 18.02.2018 ( 年初三 ) Time   :  11 AM – 3 PM Venue […]

Mapex Property Fair @ Ipoh Parade

   Find Us! Waterfront City by Excellent Realty Sdn Bhd in Mapex property fair @ Ipoh Parade from 28-30 July 2017. Come on, don’t miss […]

Party in the Clearwater Bay Resort

     Wonderful ! We has launched a party in Clearwater Bay Resort on June 12th 2016 . Meanwhile, welcome to all visit and view our […]


WaterVilla28 has a lot size of 24ft by 89ft with build up sizes ranging from 1,900sq. ft .to 2,236sq. ft. Prices start from RM 488,000 […]